A note-taking tool for visual learning.

Make sense of complex topics.

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Collect, think, create. All in one place.

See the big picture of your learning topic.

Remember what you've learned, even after a long time.

Focus, wherever you are.

Dive into details anytime with one click.

Think, in an infinity space.

We used to put paper notes on the table to help us think. Heptabase brings this experience to your computer.

Bridge the gap between reading and thinking.

Integrate your PDF highlights and annotations with your knowledge base.

Maintain a living overview of your research projects.

Unleash the endless potential of human visual memory.

And of course, offline optimization with blazing-fast speed.


Sync in Real-time

Sync and access your notes across unlimited desktop devices and web browsers.


Offline Access

Store all notes offline while caching every image you upload.



Search, load, and edit your notes with blazing-fast speed.

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