A note-taking tool for visual learning.

Make sense of complex topics.

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Collect, think, create. All in one place.

See the big picture of your learning topic.

Remember what you've learned, even after a long time.

Focus, wherever you are.

Dive into details anytime with one click.

Think, in an infinity space.

We used to put paper notes on the table to help us think. Heptabase brings this experience to your computer.

Maintain a living overview of your research projects.

Unleash the endless potential of human visual memory.

And of course, offline optimization with blazing-fast speed.



Sync and access your notes across unlimited desktop devices.


Offline Optimization

Don't want to rely on a stable internet connection? Heptabase stores all of your text notes offline while caching every image you upload.



Hate waiting on loading every single note you have? Say goodbye to the spinning icon.

Users sharing their experiences

I am fascinated by note-taking, especially in Notion. However, I realize that in order to organize my thought process, I have to jot it down onto paper and indicate the location of the relevant content. When I try Heptabase out, I am blown away because this is precisely what I need and also what Notion is lacking. I've been using Heptabase to prep for my case interview and it's the best tool out there to do this in my opinion.

Thu Dang

Macalester College

Right in the browser, reusable notes, quick and smooth maping... the only other similars I've seen didn't use notes the way Heptabase does. Even in this early stage it's already useful. I bet that if Heptabase reaches its potential, it could one day be sparking its copycats too - since no one has been seriously exploring the whiteboard / mindmaping as a notetaking framework. Not really.


Freelance Designer

I am super interested in Heptabase considering the mind-mapping + notetaking framework. I read that Alan hopes to approach knowledge in a complex systems way. I'm personally in love with complex systems and network science so I think this is the path toward the answer I've been looking for.


Imperial College London

Heptabase has filled a pretty big gap with my stories, planning, that I really haven't seen any other apps fill quite as well for how I'd use it. Throwing a quick overview of current stories into the prototype gave me enough relief at being able to see their flow that I actually sighed after zooming out a little. I'd happily pay for an app that helps me fill gaps in how I work like this.

Curio Heart

Author of The Hartwell Tome

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